Update from the Field: “Wonderful” Host Family in Uganda

Elizabeth Cochrane '17
Elizabeth Cochrane ’17

 July 9, 2014: Elizabeth Cochrane ’17

Amy Schumer and I have been in Uganda for about two weeks now. We have spent time shadowing at Mulago Hospital, Uganda Cancer Institute (U.C.I), and St. Steven’s Hospital all of which are in Kampala. We are also working on research for Dr. Fred Okuku at the Uganda Cancer Institute. I’ve realized that so far, there are two components of this elective that make it so memorable: working with Dr. Fred Okuku and our wonderful host family, the Lubogas. Dr. Fred Okuku is an oncologist at U.C.I and he is an amazing doctor, teacher and mentor. When we work with him, he is genuinely excited to bring us to the clinic and see patients with him. He sees everything as a learning opportunity and I thank him for that. In addition to shadowing Dr. Okuku, we are also working on research with him. We are currently looking at the different treatment plans used for new patients at U.C.I in 2012. Working on a project with Dr. Okuku and being able to help him is a fulfilling experience. He has taught us so much and given us so much of his time that it is very nice being able to give back to Dr. Okuku and the Uganda Cancer Institute.

The second component of this global health elective that stands out is the host family. The Lubogas are extremely generous and welcoming. Everyday we come home and are greeted with open arms. We talk to Professor Sam Luboga (our host dad) about our day and the challenges we have faced, whether they be ethical, emotional, or medically related. He is very wise and offers his advice and helps us process what may be challenging scenarios.

Even though we are only two weeks into our global health elective, it has already been a very interesting experience. I am very happy and lucky that I have this opportunity and I am looking forward to the next four weeks!

Location: Kampala, Uganda
Length of Stay: 6 weeks
Name of Program: Global Health Elective with Dr. Majid Sadigh (UVM College of Medicine/Western Connecticut Health Network)


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