Tiny shadow forms topple over each other,
Crowding around the man and the truck.
Rising in swells,
Moving toward the wall where he is pinned.
Falling smoothly in concert.
As the truck teeters on the ledge.
The weight of their jostling vibrations,
Abrasively declare his fate, and
Travel up my arms as the front lens spins in my fingers.

I change my position,
And a new recollection emerges.
As light floods into the tiny space,
Lighting the faces of little ones,
The once vague silhouettes,
Drenched and dirty,
Declare their resounding identities.
Unmistakable laughter manipulates an inquiry of happiness,
And I am surprised by their extraordinary colors.

A lone figure is frozen in isolation,
Shrouded head to toe in a forgotten hallway.
The others diverge around the impedance,
Avoiding the colorful sheet that squeezes his swollen body,
While their stereotyped synchrony,
Dehumanizes the only remaining evidence of love, and
Facilitates a silent disappearance.
His cruel and brutal death will go uncontended, for
In the face of a habitualized precedent,
Justice is suffocated by unforgiving subservience.
A single figure cannot stand alone,
And must instead hope for a hardened heart to survive silently.
Against the force of
Alternative facts that sterilize

Their dances meld together,
As they work quickly in their white uniforms.
And they assume perfectly practiced positions,
Flowing between the beds,
Banishing doubts of efficiency,
As they move thoughtfully from patient to patient.
With flawless demonstrations of a resourceful permutations,
They answer a chorus of hushed pleas.
And every turn reveals the promise of
Circumferential consideration, and
Infinite novelty.

They jump and tumble
Falling over each other,
As each climbs to the top,
Shrieking in victory,
Only to find a new summit.
Some slip through the rungs on the rusted slide,
Some plunge toward the sea below,
To a graveyard of broken donations.
And their splashes flicker in the light,
Foreshadowing cries muffled by tetanic bruxism,
Before each succumbs to
The transparent demise of good intensions sent from
A foreign land.

New shapes come excitedly into view,
Revealing a parade of beaming women,
Glowing in brilliant mosaicisms,
Of glittering gomesi’s,
That explode into spontaneous dance.
Hundreds of family, friends, and neighbors share
Their contagious energy,
Erupting into song and laughter that
Whirls into jubilant tradition.
Succulent smells tickle the noses of the crowd,
And Intermingling parts meld together
Satiating bellies with delectable sustenance,
In celebration of a blissful partnership.

I remove the lens from my eye,
And paradoxical juxtapositions dissolve away as I am
Immediately blinded by the sun.
The validity of my memories are put to question, and
My senses are overtaken by
Calm in the chaos and
A welcoming embrace.
While I wash the bleeding earth from my feet
I can hear voices filled with hope,

And I ponder the weight of my Kaleidoscope.

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