Challenging Moments in Global Health: Navigating Cross-Cultural Boundaries

Written by Professor Harriet Mayanja, previous Dean of Makerere University College of Health Sciences and Dr. Stephen Winter, Senior Advisor for the UVMLCOM Global Health Program

From a series of discussions about challenging moments in global health, with responses from global health leaders in the Global South and Global North. Please leave us your feedback in the comments section, and send us cases you would like to see discussed.

The Gate

Written by Isaac de la Bruere, UVMLCOM Class of 2022

This poem came to me after our visit to the Phud Hong Leprosy Community near our town in Thailand. It was an incredibly powerful experience to see how its members have adapted to life within their community. All the residents are elderly, as there have been very few new cases of leprosy in the region in the last couple of decades.

This Week I Met Anthony

Written by Jose Calderon, UVMLCOM Class of 2022

This week I met Anthony. But I didn’t meet him at the hospital or clinic, but beachside as I was enjoying a cold Corona and a delicious seafood paella. Although it was August, Anthony was selling heart-shaped Valentine’s Day-themed lollipops. I saw him go to each dining table one by one, only to be rejected what seemed to be nine out of ten times.

Five Years Later

Written by Albert Trondin, Global Health Program alumni, PGY-4 in Neurosurgery in San Carlos Clinical Hospital, Madrid, Spain

My overwhelming gratitude to the Global Health Program manifests in a strong desire to “pay it forward.” The program motivated me to develop the tools needed to help others in a meaningful way. After completing my medical training and specialty in neurosurgery in Russia, I had the fortune of participating in a six-week global health elective in Uganda just before applying for a residency in 2014. The elective was a transformative, eye-opening experience.