In the World With COVID-19: Meaningful Work

Written by Saida Agliullina, MD, Nuvance Health / University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine Global Health Scholars Program Alumnus and Assistant Professor at Kazan State Medical University, Russia

Having been living in a pandemic for more than a year, we have all had to adapt to new living conditions. To help healthcare delivery, we (teachers) have developed educational films, courses, and presentations while training students and residents who later join medical organizations facing increased healthcare burdens. We have also helped with education campaigns centered on compliance with public health measures and vaccination.

In the World With COVID 19: Stay informed, Inspired, and Take Action Appropriately

Written by Sister Jane Frances, Director of St. Francis Naggalama Hospital

Today, the world continues to grapple with COVID-19 and its impact on many, including children and women since March 30, 2020 in Uganda when the nation was first put on lockdown. Everyone at St. Francis Naggalama Hospital serving an immediate population of over 300,000 people young and old would be affected in some way.

In the World With COVID-19: It Is Really Bad Out Here

Written by Robert Kalyesubula, MD, Founder of the African Community Center for Social Sustainability (ACCESS), Uganda

We do not have enough ventilators. There are fewer than 300 in a country of over 40 million people. Though we are currently in a lockdown, most health facilities are grappling with oxygen supplies. We have run out of ventilators. To get one, somebody has to die or be discharged.

In the World With COVID-19: Our Worst Fears Have Come to Pass

Written by Reverend Samuel Luboga, Co-Founder of the Homestay Model in Global Health

Sadly, our worst fears have come to pass. Officially published statistics show a rapid rise in new infections and deaths. On the morning of June 15th, the New Vision newspaper reported an addition of 1,122 cases. The number of deaths is difficult to track. The situation seems to be worse than reported, given the many death announcements by families. As of yesterday, we as a family have lost three members due to COVID-19.

In the World With COVID-19: A Virtual Course in Global Health

Written by Dilyara Nurkhametova, MD, PhD, Director of Nuvance Health Global Health Electives

The two-week online global health course was created in place of the six-week global health elective in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The very first challenge was putting the course together in a short few weeks, complicated by the lack of on-site exposure to real global health settings. The main component of the elective is exposure to unique varied cultural and clinical settings, which are resource-limited in most of our global health sites. 

In the World With COVID-19: Hardened by Fire: The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Global Health Program

Written by Stephen Scholars, MD, Associate Director of the Nuvance Health Global Health Program

The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought catastrophe on so many levels. Certainly our traditional learning environments, models, and methodologies were greatly disrupted. What I found amazing, however, was the will to continue despite the disruption and uncertainty. Humanity was forced to grow and adapt on a myriad different levels.

In the World With COVID-19: A Rich Experience

Written by Mary Shah, Medical Librarian & Archivist at Norwalk Hospital

When first starting to instruct online, I was more nervous about following in the footsteps of a creative and compassionate instructor. There have been technology issues: background noise that was a bit of a distraction, not being able to post a screenshot while using Citrix to chat in Zoom, and other minor issues.

In the World With COVID-19: The Forbes Honor

Written by Ahn Tho, MD, infectious disease specialist at Cho Ray Hospital, Vietnam

I was truly surprised to be named as one of the twenty most influential women in Vietnam by Forbes Vietnam Magazine for my contribution to the fight against Covid-19. I would like to thank you all, my beloved teachers and colleagues, for congratulating and encouraging me on this journey.