Time Moves On In Our Village

Written by Anne Dougherty, M.D. Tanzania Time moves on in our small Tanzania village. My daughter Uli had a test in Kiswahili yesterday. I am not sure she was fully prepared for how tough the Sister's tests could be! Regardless, her Swahili confidence is increasing. The other day, she wanted to buy a roasted ear of corn. After rehearsing the conversation in Kiswahili, she successfully executed and purchased the corn from a woman vending on the street. The roasted corn is delicious, by the way. A bit like popcorn-on-the-cob.


Life In Our Small Tanzanian Village

Written by Anne Dougherty, M.D. Tanzania I am waiting for my daughter to get off the school bus! She is having Swahili tutoring at the local school. Guido's Swahili is progressing nicely. Mine, as always, is pathetic. I can barely get through the long, drawn-out greetings. The day is dry and hot, but recent heavy rains have turned the landscape green, and the crops are growing.