In the World With COVID-19: Thoughts on the Paradox: Part I

Mahsheed Khajavi, MD, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at Florida State University

I am working in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at present.   I love it. I hate it. I love the work and caring for so many ridiculously sick patients. We had 26 yesterday in the unit: 22 on vents, 19 with COVID-19. All require huge PEEP pressures, high oxygen requirements, and pronation. Their markers of inflammation are obscene—D dimers of 15K-124K with the normal here 200-500, CRP’s 25 to 400, and sed rates 90-140. Many have acute renal failure, refractory hypotension, and profound encephalopathy. What is troublesome is the uncertainty of clinical decisions (anticoagulate or not, start antimicrobial therapy or not, convalescent plasma or not, renal replacement therapy or not, ECMO or not...)

Homesick for a Handshake: Art in the Time of Coronavirus

Written by Tendai Machingaidze, MD, Global Health Program Site Director for the University of Zimbabwe

As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds across the globe, the amalgamation of the arts and global health is becoming increasingly apparent. Recent examples include the One World Together at Home concert that raised over a hundred million dollars for the World Health Organization; #SolidarityShows: Love in the Time of Coronavirus co-curated by Christopher Bailey (WHO) and Lisa Russell (Create2030) ; ARTS x SDGs Online Festival; and Pictures for Elmhurst, to name but a few.

In the World With COVID-19: What Africa Can Teach the World About Scarcity, Tragedy, and Uncertainty During the Pandemic: Part II

Written by Robert Kalyesubula, MD, nephrologist and founder of the African Community Center for Social Sustainability (ACCESS), UgandaAs mortal beings, we must accept that death is an integral part of life. We simply do not have control over everything. As good clinicians, it is important to pour our hearts into every action we undertake and do what we can for our patients despite not knowing the outcome. Offering our best and knowing we did all we could in a given moment can be an invaluable source of reassurance.

In the World With COVID-19: Taking Pride in Our Collective Strength

Written by Nguyen Huu Tuan, MD, Hematologist at Cho Ray Hospital, Vietnam

I was on my night shift when it all started. Two Chinese patients were admitted to my hospital due to SARS-CoV-2 infection. I received a short message stating that I should avoid that specific part of the hospital. The next morning, all staff members were given instructions about new quarantine regulations. Things escalated quickly afterwards.

In the World With COVID-19: My Thoughts on the Emotional Landscape

Charles Herrick, MD, FAPA, Chair of Psychiatry at New Milford, Danbury, and Norwalk Hospitals

I must admit that I was dismissive of the threat when the news first broke about the outbreak in China. I believed that this outbreak, like previous ones in the past ten years, would shortly become yesterday’s news. How wrong I was. It’s easy under these circumstances to kick ourselves or others for our lack of preparedness. It’s easy to get angry, feel regret, harbor resentment, or feel like we didn’t sign up for this and it’s just not fair.

In the World With COVID-19: Deeper Reflections on the COVID-19 Disaster

Written by Stephen Scholand, MD, Associate Director of the Nuvance Health / University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine Global Health Program

“Rapid Response, Cardiac, Pavilion E – Room 7… Rapid Response, Cardiac…”

The voice of the page operator rang out crisply over the hospital loudspeakers. Another patient was in crisis. Probably another COVID-19 case. Doctors, nurses, and a flurry of other health care personnel rushed towards the scene. Hurried anxious footsteps flew down the hall.

In the World With COVID-19: Perspectives and Purpose from Connecticut, USA

Written by Stephen Scholand, MD, Associate Director of the Nuvance Health / University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine Global Health Program

One night in early January during a busy shift in the Emergency Department, one of the housekeepers remarked to me, “Hey doc, what do you think about this new Chinese virus?” He was of course referring to the SARS-CoV-2 viral outbreak that had just started making the news. 

In the World With COVID-19: Uganda

Written by Reverend Samuel Luboga, co-founder of the Global Health Program Homestay Model in Uganda

I am sad to say that our worst fears have come to pass. As of today, April 6, Uganda has 52 confirmed cases of COVID-19 out of approximately 400 tests. It started with a Ugandan returning from Italy via Dubai. In response, the government and religious leaders have embarked on an intense COVID-19 awareness campaign.